Civic Projects

Beautifying Westborough is one of our main missions. Our Club plants and maintains

  • Gateway Garden near the railroad bridge
  • School Street triangle
  • Rotary horse fountain
  • Fairy Garden at the Public Library
  • Senior Center sign garden on East Main Street
  • Theresa’s memorial on the front walkway to Westborough High School
  • Maynard Street and Mill Road traffic triangles
  • Planters in front of our Library and Post Office
  • Island Garden on Route 30 near McDonald’s
  • Civil War Fountain across from Town Hall
  • Forbes Building Memorial garden and
  • Town Hall window boxes
  • We also support a small garden at Veterans’ Memorial Park; the gardens around the band stand at Bay State Green; and flowers for the sitting wall at Bay State Green.

In addition, we plant and maintain the 30 planters on the downtown sidewalks, supported by local businesses. We also plant and maintain outdoor planters at our local post office and local library.  And on a regular basis members place fresh flower arrangements at the reception desk at our Public Library.