Civic Projects

Beautifying Westborough is one of our main missions. Our Club plants and maintains

  • Gateway Garden near the railroad bridge
  • School Street triangle
  • Rotary horse fountain
  • Senior Center sign garden on East Main Street
  • Theresa’s memorial on the front walkway to Westborough High School
  • Maynard Street and Mill Road traffic triangles
  • Planters in front of our Library and Post Office
  • Island Garden on Route 30 near McDonald’s
  • Civil War Fountain across from Town Hall
  • Forbes Building Memorial garden and
  • Town Hall window boxes
  • We also support a small garden at Veterans’ Memorial Park; the gardens around the band stand at Bay State Green; and flowers for the sitting wall at Bay State Green.

New this year are the 24 large planters on the downtown sidewalks, supported by local businesses. And on a regular basis members place fresh flower arrangements at the reception desk at our Public Library.